Staff Profile: Adjunct Associate Professor Eric Atmore






Prof Eric Atmore

Degrees:B Social Science (SW), B Social Science Honours (Community Work) B Social Science Honours (Social Planning), M Social Science (Social Planning), PhD (Stellenbosch University) in Education Policy Studies.

Position Title: Adjunct Associate Professor

Location: Office 4.25, Leslie Social Sciences Building, Upper Campus, UCT


Tel: 021 650 4221

Consultation Times: By Appointment. E-mail or call to request an appointment.

Key roles in the Department:

Lectures at undergraduate and post graduate levels, research supervision, and social responsiveness.



Brief Biography:

Eric is a graduate of our department and returned becoming Adjunct Associate Professor. He leads the Centre for Early Childhood Development, a national non-profit organisation, at the same time as holding this position at UCT. Eric completed his PhD in 2019. The title of his PhD: An Interpretive Analysis of the Early Childhood Development Policy Trajectory in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

Research Interest Areas:

Non-profit organisations

Early Childhood Development

Social Policy

Funding and Resource Mobilisation

Teaching Areas:

Social Policy and Management

Political Economy

Social and Economic Development

Organisation Behaviour

Programme Planning

Strategic Leadership and Management

Financial Management

Recent Publications:

Atmore, E. 2019. An Interpretive Analysis of the Early Childhood Development Policy Trajectory in Post-Apartheid South Africa. PhD Thesis: Stellenbosch University.

Van Niekerk, L. Ashley-Cooper, M and Atmore, E. (2017) Effective early childhood development programme options meeting the needs of young South African children. Cape Town: Centre for Early Childhood Development.

Atmore E (2013) Early childhood development in South Africa – progress since the end of apartheid.  International Journal of Early Years Education, volume 21, Issue 2-3.

Ashley-Cooper M and Atmore E (2013) Early Childhood Development as a Strategy to Eradicate Poverty and Reduce inequality.  The Thinker, July 2013, Johannesburg.  pp 8 – 11. 

Atmore E, van Niekerk L and Ashley-Cooper M (2012) Challenges facing the Early Childhood Development sector in South Africa.  South African Journal of Childhood Education, Institute of childhood education, University of Johannesburg, volume 2 Number 1, June 2012  pp121 – 140. 

Atmore E, van Niekerk L and Ashley-Cooper M (2012) Early Childhood Education: The difference between policy and reality.  The Youth Dividend, unlocking the potential of Young South Africans. Transformation Audit 2012.  Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Cape Town pp 81 – 87.