Staff Profile: Associate Professor Ndangwa Noyoo


Prof Ndangwa Noyoo

Degrees: BSW (UNZA), MPhil (Cantab.), PhD (Wits) 

Position Title: Associate Professor & Head of the Social Development Department

Location: Office 5.01, Leslie Social Sciences Building, Upper Campus, UCT


Tel: 021 650 3482

Consultation Times: By Appointment. E-mail or call to request an appointment.

Key roles in the Department:

Head of Department and lecturer

Supervision of Postgraduate students


Brief Biography:

After researching in different countries of Southern Africa, Ndangwa Noyoo accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge which he brings into the class setting. In addition, he has travelled extensively on the African continent and other parts of the globe. Ndangwa Noyoo worked at the Universities of Zambia, Witwatersrand and Johannesburg and the South African government as a Senior Social Policy Specialist/Chief Director in the National Department of Social Development. He has also worked in the non-governmental sector in Zambia and South Africa. He was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, France. He was a Panel Member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF) in 2015 and serves on the Board of the Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development.

Research Interest Areas:

Social Policy, Social Development, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Public Policy, Comparative Social Policy, Social Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights and Social Work.

Teaching Areas:

SWK4013F – Social Development: Theories and Applied Approaches

SWK5000F - Comparative Social Policy in Africa

SWK4014S – Introduction to Social and Economic Development

SWK4026S – Development Planning

SWK4032S – Social Policy and Management

SWK3001F – Political Economy of Social Service Professions

SWK1004S – Basic Professional Interaction

SWK5014S – Social and Economic Development

Recent Publications:

Noyoo, N. (2018). The Evolution of Social Welfare Policy in Southern Africa. In V. Taylor and J. Triegaardt (Eds.). The political economy of social welfare policy in Africa. (pp. 35-55). Cape Town: Oxford University Press.

Noyoo, N. (2018). Social welfare policy as a response to risks and vulnerabilities of families in South Africa. In V. Taylor and J. Triegaardt (Eds.). The political economy of social welfare policy in Africa. (pp. 147-161). Cape Town: Oxford University Press.

Noyoo, N., & Sobantu, M. (2018). Deconstructing and Decolonising Spatiality: Voluntary and affordable housing for a transforming Johannesburg. In M. T. Miyambo (Ed.), Reversing Urban Inequality in Johannesburg. (pp. 35-42). London: Routledge.

Noyoo, N., & Boon, E. (Eds.) (2018). Indigenous Social Security Systems in Southern and West Africa. Stellenbosch: Sun Media.

Noyoo, N. (2018). Ode to an Africa intellectual giant: Kaseke, the champion of indigenous scholarly work. Social Development in Africa, 33(1), 7-22.

Noyoo, N. (2018). Xenophobia and Social Welfare in South Africa. In L. Wagner, R. Lutz, C. Rehklua, & F. Ross (Eds.), Hanbuch Internationale Soziale Arbeit: Dimensionen – Konflikte – Positionen, (pp. 145-158). Weinheim: Beltz, Juventus.

Noyoo, N., & Sakala, B. M. (2018). Indigenous Social Security Systems in Zambia: Advancing a public policy agenda? In N. Noyoo & E. Boon (Eds.), Indigenous Social Security Systems in Southern and West Africa. (pp. 87-104). Stellenbosch: African Sun Media.

Noyoo, N. (2017). Social policy and welfare regimes typologies: Any relevance to South Africa? Sozialpolitik: Social, 2(2), 1-16.

Noyoo, N. (2017). Reflecting on Human Rights of Older Persons in South Africa. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, 2(4), 108–116.

Noyoo, N. (2017). Brain Drain or Brain Gain? Leveraging Zambia’s Diaspora Dividend. In J. Mangala (Ed), Africa and its Global Diaspora: The Policy and Politics of Emigration. (pp. 313-330). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan/Springer.

Congress/Conference/Seminar Presentations:

Noyoo, N. (2019). Interrogating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A case of Cape Town and Spatial Injustice. Workshop on Urban Spaces and Justice: Perspectives from Augsburg and Cape Town in the context of Sustainability Discourse, Augsburg Municipality,  Augsburg, Germany, 7 February.

Noyoo, N. (2019). Global social policy in an era of increasing unilateralism, narrow nationalism and xenophobia. Global Dynamics of Social Policy International Workshop, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany, 12 February, 2019.

Noyoo, N. (2019). The Responsibility of Church and State: Experiences between Loyalty, Compromise and Conflict – The Role of Business in South Africa’s Development? Panel Discussion Paper entitled, Religion and State Conference, Evangelische Academie, Tutzing, Germany 13-15 February.

Noyoo, N. (2019). Social Work and Indigenous Knowledge in Africa: Lessons from Barotseland. Conference on indigenous knowledge: resources and challenge to social work and development – building the bridge between research and practice, Catholic university of applied sciences, Munich, Germany, 15 February.

Noyoo, N. (2018). The Political Economy of Student Protests in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Public Lecture at the Catholic University, Munich, Germany, 28 June.

Noyoo, N. (2018). International Social Work in an era of nationalistic Europe, post Brexit Britain, Trump’s America and global terrorism: An African Reflection, seminar for Masters Students Fachhochschule Erfurt University of Applied Science, Erfurt, Germany, 3 July.

Noyoo, N. & Sobantu, M. (2017). Deconstructing and decolonising spatiality: Voluntary housing for a transforming Johannesburg. Presented at the Wits City Institute and Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study’s Workshop: What does spatial transformation mean? Possibilities for a more equitable, liveable Johannesburg, 2 June.

Noyoo, N. (2017). Engaging the private sector in social policy in Southern Africa: Perspectives from South Africa and Zambia. Presented at the launch of the Global Social Development Innovations (GSDI), 12 October. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA.

Noyoo, N. (2017). Social rights are human rights: A call for inclusive citizenry in Africa. Plenary presentation at the International Conference on Human Security and Social Work, University of Botswana, Gaborone, 25 October.

Noyoo, N. (2017). How social Citizenship Shapes Fundamental Human and Socio-economic Rights. Plenary presentation at the International Conference on Human Security and Social Work, University of Botswana, Gaborone, 25 October.

Noyoo, N. & Boon, E. (2017). Nation-building and the Nationalist Discourse: Revisiting Social Policy in Ghana and Zambia in the First Decade of Independence. Paper presented at the University of South Africa’s Social Policy in Africa Conference, Pretoria, 19-23 November.