Social Development


Major in Social Development


A major in Social Development equips you with the knowledge and skills to intervene professionally to address some of the many major challenges in Africa, including poverty, HIV/Aids and social insecurity. Social Development also enables professionals to work within governments, non-governmental organisations, international development agencies and the business sector.


As a practitioner in this field, you will acquire the knowledge to work directly with communities, with youth, with women, with families and households in rural and urban areas.


Career opportunities are increasing for Social Development practitioners in the civil service, non-governmental organizations, in international aid and development organisations and in policy advocacy and development.


Requirements for a major in Social Development

[SWK03] First Year

SWK1004S Basic Professional Interaction

SWK1013F Community Connections

Second Year

SWK2001F Introduction to Political Economy and the Foundations of the Social Service


SWK2013S Community & Youth Development

Third Year

SWK3001F Political Economy of the Social Service Professions

SWK3066S Contemporary Social Work Issues

NOTE: These are the only SWK courses which count towards a general BA or BSocSc degree (as per

rule FB 6.3.3 no other courses and no field practicum courses will count for credit).